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The UK just love take-away, various food choice's - collected or delivered!

Takeaways are a popular form of dining in Britain and an important segment of the out-of-home food service market. Besides convenience, ordering pizzas and other cruisines are also considered a leisure occasion similar to eating out in a restaurant. UK households spend an average of around five British pounds per person per week on takeaway meals. (read more)

So what do you fancy this evening, with so much take-away choice of food available?

your indian take-away delivered

indian take-away food delivered

get your favourite indian take-away food, ordered & delivered direct from your local restaurant!

chinese take-away delivery

chinese take-away

order from your local chinese take-away or restaurant for a speedy delivery direct to your door!

fish & chips direct to your door

fish & chips delivered direct to your door

fish & chips are not just for fridays, order your's from your local chippy and get your food delivered!


pizza take-away and delivery


Pizza delivery from the UK's largest pizza delivery chains.

pizza delivery from Pizza Hut

pizza hut for pizza delivery

freshly prepared pizza direct from the hut, order a Pizza Hut pizza delivery!

Dominoes take-away pizza delivery

dominoes pizza for pizza delivery

choose you perfect freshly cooked pizza from Dominoes, with you in a flash!

Papa John's take-away pizza

papa john's pizza delivery

pizza delivery, order quality pizza from Papa John's and get it delivered direct!

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With the emergence of online ordering technology and companies dedicated to restaurant delivery, the market has entered a new era. The total foodservice delivery market was worth around 8.5 billion British pounds in 2019, largely thanks to the rise of online delivery concepts. Although telephone orders still account for a large share of orders, deliveries ordered online or via an app have increased dramatically. (read more)

So what's it gonna be, indian, chippy, chinese, pizza or something else?

Burger King, take-away and delivery of burgers

Order a take-away Burger from one of the UK's largest burger delivery chains.

order a Burger King® take-away

Burger King take-away burgers

Founded in 1954, Burger King® is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world!

WIMPY™ home of the original burger

Wimpy home of the original burger

WIMPY™ opened in the UK in 1954 and were the first burger chain to serve hamburger's in the UK!

fancy a McDonald's® burger take-away

McDonald's® take-away burgers

Founded in 1940, McDonald's® is the world's largest food chain serving over 69 million customers!

take-away.delivery a domain by Robert Paintain

KFC, order Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC, it all started with one cook who created a finger lickin' good recipe more than 75 years ago!

Home of the Steak Bake, GREGGS

GREGGS freshly cooked food served daily

Greggs has 1700 outlets in the UK serving freshly cooked food that's free of the all nasty stuff!

YO! Sushi & Fresh Japanese food!

YO! Sushi, flavour's at the heart of everything

Fresh, flavoursome, authentic Japanese food from YO! Flavour's at the heart of everything, hmm!!

Relax, just enjoy the great range of take-away food options from 1000's of establishments around the whole of the UK with home delivery by either Just Eat, Deliveroo or Uber Eats.

JUST EAT take away food delivery
DELIVEROO take away food delivery
UBER EATS take away food delivery

This premium domain name: take-away.delivery is 'FOR SALE'

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